The Challenges of Adding Hardwood Flooring to Existing Wood Floors

Some homes have hardwood flooring only in one area. Do you wonder what can be done to extend flooring throughout the main living space? You don’t necessarily have to tear up the existing floors and start from scratch. A skilled flooring company can create a consistent look by adding wood floors to a home that has existing floors in one area. It won’t always match exactly but it can be done.

Adding to Engineered Wood Floors

The ideal situation occurs when the engineered wood floor originally installed is still available. There will be a slight variation in finish because of wear and the batch lot but if the install is done by a professional then it shouldn’t be noticeable. Depending upon the wear on the existing floors you may want to consider a buff and recoat so the finish sheen is as close as possible.

If the same engineered product is no longer available or unknown, the challenge is greater. Of course, tearing out and starting from scratch is one option. Another is to work with your local flooring company to find a floor make and model that is as close as possible. A professional will be able to help you find an option that could work for your home. Professional flooring companies know how to match board width and length, finish type, and grain patterns to find the most cohesive look possible.

Extending Your Real Hardwood Flooring

With real hardwood you flooring company will start by determining the type of wood used and board width, length, and height. If a similar style and type of wood can be found then a consistent look should be able to be achieved. It won’t match exactly because of the difference in grain patterns, but with a similar finish it will be close.

Most often your flooring company will recommend refinishing your existing floors at the time of installation of your new floors so that the finish is consistent. One refinishing option to consider is distressing your hardwood flooring. If your existing floors have significant wear and tear, the new flooring can be installed and distressed to match the current floors.

It is possible to add wood flooring to a home that has existing wood floors. It isn’t always easy and likely won’t look exactly like the existing floors but by working with a professional flooring company like Seer Flooring, you are much more likely to have success than trying to go it on your own. The team at Seer Flooring has helped homeowners throughout Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa Bay find the right wood floors for their homes and they can help you too. Just give them a call at 727-785-1930 to schedule an in home consultation.