Understanding Engineered Wood Flooring Installation Methods

When you call a company and ask about their wood floor installation service and get a quote, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Not all floor installation methods are the same. Different wood floor installation companies use different types of underlayment that have different properties.

Engineered Wood Floor Installation Questions

If you’ve already purchased engineered wood flooring and are simply looking for a wood floor installation service company to install it for you, make sure you know the answers to the common questions the estimator will ask. They will want to know if your flooring is tongue and groove, a click system, or some manufacturer specific joining method. Most packaging gives you this information.

Beyond that you need to know what your flooring is going to be installed over. For most recently built homes, ground floor installations are over a concrete slab. Some older homes have a subfloor over a crawl space. This is important because different underlayment and installation methods may be used. Lastly, do you need an underlay that will help reduce noise or act as a moisture barrier? Different underlayment types have different purposes but most engineered wood flooring should be installed with an underlayment material.

Installation Methods

There are two methods for installing engineered wood floors, floating and glue down. Both are proven and often manufacturer approved methods. There are reasons for choosing one over the other depending upon your home.

Floating wood floor installation is the most popular method, especially in Florida. Floating is popular because it’s less time consuming so installation is cheaper and because there are underlays that can help block moisture. Moisture from concrete slabs is a common issue and without proper barrier protection your flooring can buckle, mold, and warp.

Another benefit of a floating wood floor is, in many cases, it can be installed over an existing flooring material. You will want to make sure that the existing flooring is smooth and flat so that your new floor lays level. Keep in mind that you may have to have any doors that close over the new flooring trimmed or adjusted if there isn’t enough clearance for the new floors.

If you and your wood floor installation company decide that the best option is to glue the floor down, know that the cost will be slightly higher than the floating installation method. Some homeowners prefer glue down installation because the floor feels and sounds more solid. There is less seasonal expansion and contraction when a floor is glued down as well. There are some glues available that help cut down on moisture but if you know this is an issue in your home, the floating method is a better option.

If you’re looking for new engineered wood floors Seer Flooring has a large selection of quality American made options from which to choose. If you already have the flooring and simply need an experienced wood floor installation company, we can help with that too. We’re happy to come to your home and provide you with a no obligation estimate, just give us a call at 727-785-1930.