Come See the Belleview Biltmore Reclaimed Wood at the Tampa Bay Home Show

We’ve talked about our excitement regarding this historic reclaimed wood and now is your chance to see it in person. Visit us at the Tampa Bay Home Show at Tropicana Field from January 27-29 in booth #505 and check it out. The home show is also a great opportunity to see other flooring options we sell and install and to discuss any flooring issues or questions you have.

Why a Home Show?

If you’ve spoken to us or visited our website at all, you know that we’re always happy to come to your home and speak to you in person to discuss your flooring needs. The home show gives us the unique opportunity to engage with you in a less formal setting. There are no commitments and it’s on your schedule. Of course, if once you’ve spoken with us you’d like to set an appointment in your home, we can do that right at the show.

Home shows give you the opportunity to see many products and services offered locally. It can help you spark an idea about how you’d like to transform your home. If you’re planning several remodeling projects at once and want to show us another vendor’s product so we can help you choose the best flooring to coordinate with it, we can go to their booth together. We can speak with them, learn what they’re doing for you. From there we can schedule a time to meet together about the project and their timeline.

A Few Tips to Help You Plan Your Visit

Attending a home show as large as the one at Tropicana Field can be overwhelming. In previous years, there have been several hundred vendors so know which ones you want to see before you go. The St. Pete Times will have an exhibitor list the week before the show, and when you arrive you’ll receive a map of the various exhibitors. Before you come, know what projects you are considering are try to stick to visiting companies who can help with those projects. Register with each company. Yes, you’ll end up on a mailing list but you may also qualify for some excellent show specials. Be sure to put our booth, #505, on your list if for no other reason than to see the Belleview Biltmore reclaimed wood for yourself. If you can’t visit the show and want to schedule an in home consultation, we’ll be happy to bring a sample of this wood to your home if you’re considering reclaimed wood floors. Call 727-785-1930 for your appointment.