Myths About Wood Floor Refinishing in Tampa

Wood floor refinishing in Tampa Bay is about the same as refinishing wood floors anywhere else in the country. Over the years we’ve heard some interesting comments stated as facts that were indeed myths. We can only conclude that they come from misinformation spread by inexperienced sales people in big box stores, at least that’s our hope. We’d like to help set the record straight by correcting some of these myths with the facts.

Myth #1 – Only a Flooring Maintenance Plan Will Truly Protect Your Hardwood Flooring

We’re not even sure what that means. If the wood floor refinishing company you’re considering hiring says that in addition to the actual refinishing costs you need to buy an annual maintenance package, run! When refinishing hardwood flooring the process should protect your floors for at least ten years. When refinishing is done by a flooring company who knows what they are doing the finish will likely last even longer.

Myth #2 – Only We Can Offer a Dust Free Wood Floor Refinishing Option

If you think about it, that doesn’t even make sense. Wood floor refinishing has two processes, screening and complete refinishing. The screening process creates significantly less dust than a complete wood floor refinishing process but it’s also a smaller process. Screening, sometimes called buffing, uses a buffer to remove the top layer of finish so that a new layer can be applied refreshing the look of your wood floors. Because less of the flooring’s surface is removed, there is less dust.

Myth #3 – I Can Refinish My Floors Myself

We’ll put this into the ok, maybe a little true but there are differences. The rental equipment available for floor refinishing isn’t the same as those used by professionals. We keep our sanding and buffing equipment maintained and balanced. An unbalanced sander can cause damage when one portion of the floors are sanded deeper than another. Once the sanding is done, there are many additional steps from clean up to applying the stain and topcoat. The products available to professionals last longer and help provide your flooring with a finish you expect. Of course, there is the aspect of your time, and once you decide what that is worth, you may find that hiring a professional wood floor refinishing company is worth it.

If you have questions about things you’ve heard or read regarding wood floor refinishing, feel free to ask the professionals at Seer Flooring. We have decades of flooring installation experience and also with wood floor screening and refinishing. Our in-home consolations are always free and we can recommend the best process for your floor refinishing project. Call 727-785-1930 to schedule your appointment today.