What are the Best Flooring Types for Kitchens?

When considering new kitchen flooring, there are many options from which to choose. The right option ultimately relies on your budget and the space itself. The most popular flooring types for kitchens are wood, tile, and some types of resilient flooring. Here are some considerations for each category.

Hardwood and Engineered Wood

The old school of thought was not to use wood flooring of any type in your kitchen but that isn’t so true anymore. Both hardwood flooring and engineered wood floors can work well in the kitchen. The key is that greater care has to be taken by the residents to ensure that water doesn’t remain on the wood longer than necessary. If you have an open living space that flows into the kitchen, wood is an excellent option as it works well. Hardwood will increase the resale value of a home. It and engineered wood flooring is durable and neither will look dated. Some engineered wood flooring has moisture resistance built in making it a good kitchen option.

Tile Flooring

For many years tile was the overwhelmingly popular choice for kitchen floors in Tampa. The fact that they are easy to clean, practically impervious to water, and require almost no maintenance made them extremely popular. Although some homeowners still choose tile for their kitchens, there are two major drawbacks. Tile flooring is unforgiving to dropped glass and it’s very hard to stand on for long periods of time. If you choose the wrong tile you may find it’s very slippery even with the smallest amount of water. However, if you have kids and pets and want a floor that’s easy to clean, requires little maintenance, and will last for years, tile is a good option.

Resilient Flooring

As technology has evolved so has resilient flooring. Resilient flooring includes sheet vinyl, vinyl tile (including luxury vinyl tile), and linoleum. Although all these options are easy to clean, durable, and easy to stand on, some are better than others. Sheet vinyl can be among the least expensive flooring available but will look cheap and dated. Linoleum has a similar reputation. Today’s luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is an excellent option for homes that want the look of tile or wood but not the maintenance or issues often associated with tile. Three-dimensional printing allows for LVT to look like real hardwood or expensive tile. The patterns, color options, and even sizes of the tile are virtually limitless. If you’re considering resilient flooring, LVT is your best option.

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