Things to Consider About Wide Plank Flooring

When discussing floor planks, we’re no longer talking about just hardwood floors. Tile, LVT, and wood floors all come in different styles of plank flooring. The term plank flooring originally referred to any hardwood floors wider than 3”, anything less was strip flooring.

Homeowners who want a contemporary look often choose wider plank floors. Fewer seams look neater and can contribute to helping a space seem larger. Another reason to choose wide plank flooring is when you’re interested in a rustic look. A lot of reclaimed wood is wide plank. Wide plank hardwood is a great way to show the knots and beauty of the wood.

What is too Wide?

Depending upon the flooring material you choose, this answer varies. Many Tampa homeowners prefer tile and since tile now comes in so many different styles and patterns, wide plank tile floors are popular. This is one where we do caution homeowners in choosing too wide a tile. Tiles that are long and wide are more prone to breakage from the home settling than smaller tiles. Depending upon how long and wide you want to go, you may find installation charges increase because it becomes a two person job to lift and lay the tiles due to their weight.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is a different story. Because this resilient flooring doesn’t break, the tile proportion isn’t a concern. With larger tiles, you have fewer seams. Fewer seams mean less opportunity for issues. If you want wide plank in a tile, LVT should be among the tile you consider.

Wide plank hardwood floors have different variables. The species of wood, for example, can impact the long-term beauty of the floors. If the species you’re choosing is more prone to expanding and contracting (like Hickory), wide plank isn’t a good choice. You’ll also find that the wider the plank, the more expensive the materials. Up to 5” is a good wide plank board in almost any species.

Engineered flooring in wide plank dimensions is still more expensive than strip flooring. You’ll find many options available in 5” wide planks that are generally more stable than actual hardwood. Some manufacturers offer wider planks but the price is at a premium.

If you want a clean contemporary look or a warm rustic feel, wide plank flooring is a great option for your home. Keep in mind that the type of flooring you choose will impact the maximum recommended dimensions for the flooring. One of the experts at Seer Flooring would be happy to guide you to the right flooring type and dimension for your home. Call for a no obligation in home consultation today – 727-785-1930.