Reclaimed Wood Floors

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Reclaimed Wood Flooring Specialists

As homeowners become more environmentally conscientious, we’re more frequently receiving inquiries regarding the availability of reclaimed wood flooring and rehabbing long-neglected, and often hidden, wood floors. At Seer Flooring, preserving history is a passion of ours.

Reclaimed Wood Floors

Seer Flooring is the leading Tampa Bay area flooring company with access to many sourced woods, some of which date back to the early 1900s. Everyone has a different reason for choosing reclaimed wood. For some, it’s the beauty and for others, it is the story of their wood coming from an old barn, farmhouse, or historic site. Many times it’s simply to reuse and lower their environmental impact.

Whatever your reason for selecting reclaimed wood flooring, we have many options. Our selection changes regularly and often includes heart pine, white oak, and chestnut with some dating as far back as the early 1900s. We also have access to hickory and red oak from the mid-century era.

Restoring Historic Flooring

With so much tile, laminate and carpet in recently built homes, few homeowners realize that throughout the early and mid-1900s homes in Tampa all had hardwood flooring. Many of the historic homes used pine, white and red oak. We often find that, sadly, a large percentage of this beautiful hardwood was covered by carpet and laminate at some time. If you own a home that has hardwood flooring that has been covered for years, we can help restore it.

Because these old wood floors are real hardwood, we can carefully remove the laminate and carpet and refinish your flooring. Though some planks may need to be replaced and since we can obtain older wood, we can work to seamlessly match any areas that require replacement. We would be honored to examine your hardwood flooring and talk with you about the ways we can restore it to its previous beauty.

Seer Flooring is the company to turn to if you are considering rehabbing a long-neglected floor or installing a reclaimed wood floor in your home. We are happy to meet with you and provide a no obligation quote. Just contact us and one of our specialists will be in touch to schedule an appointment.