The Kitchen Flooring Conundrum

Kitchen FlooringIf you’re having trouble deciding on the right kitchen flooring, today’s blog is for you. Some people believe tile is the only option for a kitchen floor and others believe that wood is a more beautiful choice. There are many options when it comes to kitchen flooring, and as long as the homeowner understands what they’re getting and committing to, there are many options.


There are a lot of great things about kitchen tile. First, the options are virtually limitless. You can have tile that looks like traditional tile, natural stone, or even wood. When it comes to shape, you have squares, rectangles, planks octagons and so many more that can be mixed and matched for a custom design. Tile stands up to water, and you can sweep and mop it without much effort. A few negatives about tile flooring are that it’s hard to stand on for long periods of time and brutal when you drop a dish. Plus, you’ll have to work to keep the grout clean.

Engineered & Hardwood

Any product that’s all or part-wood can be damaged easily from standing water. If you’re good at wiping up spills, you won’t see damage. However, if one of your appliances springs a leak and you don’t notice, chances are good that you’ll end up needing to replace your floors. In cases where it’s an accidental leak, your homeowners’ insurance would cover the damage should cost be a concern.

Wood flooring is softer. Even hardwood flooring, which sounds a bit contradictory, is also softer. Standing on it isn’t as hard on your legs or back. Wood might be a great consideration if you spend a lot of time on your feet cooking and cleaning in your kitchen. Just like tile floors, you can sweep and mop hardwood floors easily, and there’s no grout to worry about!

Luxury Vinyl Tile

One of the kitchen flooring options that’s growing quickly in popularity is luxury vinyl tile (LVT). Homeowners love its water-, scratch- and dent-resistant properties. Because it comes in many options, including a great wood look, you can have kitchen flooring that looks like wood but doesn’t come with the fears you may have with wood. It’s also easier to maintain than any other flooring type. No grout to clean and no occasional sanding and refinishing.

If you are installing new wood floors throughout your home, extend them into your kitchen for a cohesive look. If you’re only replacing your kitchen flooring, choose what you’re most comfortable with. Tile, hardwood and LVT are all great options, and Seer Flooring can help you choose what’s right for your lifestyle and budget. Call us today at (727) 469-7963 or fill out our contact form.