The Cost of New Flooring

Cost of New Flooring 030221Obviously, there are many variables which determine the exact pricing for your new flooring, so the most accurate way to determine the cost is to request a consultation. After all, the size and shape of the rooms in which you want the flooring installed are big contributing factors. Material costs can cover a wide range, even within the same type of product and manufacturer. However, there are other elements that make a difference in the cost of new flooring in your home even outside the material and size of your space. Here are some other things you may need to plan for in your flooring budget.

Level & Dry Subfloor

No matter what type of flooring you choose, if the subfloor isn’t in good condition—that is, level and dry—you won’t be satisfied with your new flooring installation. Depending on the type of subfloor and the condition of yours, your flooring installers may need to level it. Concrete slabs require refloating to make them level. Uneven plywood subfloors many need sections replaced or removed and reinstalled with shims. If the subfloor is damp it will need to be dried. Then installation of water-resistant underlayment becomes necessary, even if your flooring material doesn’t require an underlayment.


Some flooring materials, like tile, can only be installed one way—with mortar and grout. However, some flooring materials utilize different installation methods. These include glue down, nail down, and floating installations. This influences the cost of installation. And, if you’re looking to install a product that needs to be nailed down and you have a concrete subfloor, you’ll need plywood laid first which is an additional expense. Of course, installation pattern can influence the cost as well.

Post Installation Changes

If you previously had laminate flooring and now have hardwood or engineered wood flooring, chances are good you’re going to need your doors adjusted. Cutting and repainting them adds to the expense of your flooring installation. Additionally, if you’re replacing carpet with a hard flooring surface, you’ll need new or different molding.

Furniture Moving & Storage

If you’re looking at new flooring in the majority of your home, you may not be able to live in your home comfortably while the flooring installation takes place. This means you may have a hotel or other rental property expense. You may even want to rent a portable storage unit during installation. If you’re having your flooring company finish hardwood with multiple layers of stain and finish, you may not want to be in your home because of the smell. You’ll want to add these expenses to your budget.

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