Choosing Your Hardwood Floors Installation Pattern

pattern hardwood floors

As a flooring installation company, we find that one detail of hardwood floor installation that’s often overlooked is the flooring installation pattern. Everyone thinks about tile as the material that requires a specific installation pattern, but in reality, virtually all flooring types can be installed in various patterns. Choosing the right pattern is a matter of preference, room shape and size, and budget.

Random Straight Lay

Ask any flooring installation company and they will assure you this is the most common option. Typically, they start at the front door and lay the random length boards perpendicular to the threshold. This installation for both engineered and hardwood floors requires the least overage. When purchasing your flooring, choose random length boards. Both of these factors make this option the most affordable installation pattern when comparing the same material.


Rarely do we install a diagonal pattern when we’re flooring an entire floor of a home. It works best in square or rectangle rooms where you want the space to appear larger. Although most diagonal installs are done with boards that are all the same length, they don’t have to be. This requires more time due to the amount of cutting to fit the boards and results in a higher overage percentage. Both make this installation more expensive.

Herringbone and Chevron

Although these two patterns are often thought of as the same, they are not. A herringbone installation has flat edges leading to a zig-zag appearance. A chevron installation looks more like arrows and the edges are cut to an angle. Both require same length boards. Your flooring installation company will need about the same amount of overage for each installation, however a chevron installation takes more time due to the mitered cuts on each board.


If you’re over 50 you probably know the term parquet and can picture what a parquet floor looks like (our featured image shows a parquet floor). In fact, we still see it occasionally in some older homes in Dunedin, Palm Harbor, and other areas with older homes in Tampa Bay. However, today’s parquet floors aren’t the same floors you may have had growing up. This square installation where an equal number of same length boards are installed horizontally and then vertically is dramatic. However, this takes a lot of time and you have to use same length boards. We caution homeowners considering this as it can make a room look busy. However, it is a popular look again.

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