What is Sustainable Wood Flooring?

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There are more than thirty labels world-wide for forest-based products that can lead one to believe that a product is environmentally friendly. When it comes to flooring products, it can get confusing because many labels include either the term green or sustainable wood flooring. There is a big difference between the terms green and sustainable.

Green VS Sustainable

The term “green” in relation to hardwood flooring isn’t as highly regulated as the term sustainable. For example, a prefinished hardwood floor where the manufacturer used stain and finish with no volatile organic compounds can claim that they’re green, but may not be sustainable. Sustainable wood flooring doesn’t negatively impact the environment, economy or health over its entire lifecycle. From cutting down the trees to make the flooring to its eventual disposal. Both have positive connotations, sustainable is the more defined and regulated term.

A Sustainable Logo on a Website Doesn’t Mean You’re Getting Sustainable Wood Flooring

If a flooring company carries just one product that is certified as sustainable, they can put that logo on their website and other marketing materials. However, it does not mean that the wood flooring you’re choosing is necessarily sustainable. The best way to ensure that what you’re getting is sustainable wood flooring is to look at the product you’re considering on the manufacturer’s website.

Is Reclaimed Wood Flooring Sustainable?

Not necessarily. In order for something to be sustainable wood flooring, it must not impact the environment throughout its entire life cycle. It’s impossible to prove whether reclaimed wood was sustainably harvested. On the other hand, if you’re looking to make a minimal environmental impact, reclaimed wood can be a good choice and is generally considered a green option.

Which is Better?

If you’re looking at minimizing the impact to the environment today and into the future, you may want to consider sustainable wood flooring. If you’d like to keep the impact to a minimum, reclaimed wood floors or even engineered wood floors may be a good option. It comes down to what you’re comfortable with regarding environmental impact.

We Can Help You Find What You Want

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