Are Hardwood Floors a Good Investment in Florida?

hardwood floors in Florida

For years the most popular flooring material was tile. However, in the past decade we’ve seen a shift toward hardwood as not only a viable choice, but a popular choice. If you were to ask all the Realtors® you know if you should put new hardwood floors in your home, the vast majority would say yes without hesitation. More than ever, hardwood flooring is seen as a great investment and has a positive impact of resale value of your home.

But What About Water Damage?

This question makes sense with the number of homes with swimming pools, the often and heavy rains, and our love of pets who often come in the house dripping wet. We all know that water can damage wood. What many homeowners do not understand is that water doesn’t do immediate damage. If a wet child walks across the wood floors, they’re not immediately going to warp. We just caution homeowners to clean up the water as soon as they notice it. In most instances, the floor will be fine because the finish gives a small level of protection against water damage.

Why Do Homebuyers Like Hardwood Floors?

One reason is due to its low maintenance. Unlike tile that requires regular scrubbing and grout cleaning, wood floors are easy to clean. Keep them swept and use a damp mop once a month or so. Of course, you’ll need to refinish them about every seven to ten years, but that’s about how often you’ll need to re-grout tile or replace carpet.

Wood floors are natural and homebuyers today want the look and feel that wood provides. Unlike tile, which comes in countless styles and finishes that may nor may not go with your taste, the natural look of a wood floor works with all décor types and styles. Plus, they’re a great investment. Once you install hardwood floors, you’ll likely never need to replace them, even if you want a different look in your home.

Yes, Wood Flooring is a Great Investment

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