Real Hardwood or Wood-Look Tile?

hardwood or wood-like tile floors?

Although this isn’t a question everywhere in the U.S., in the Clearwater and Sarasota areas, it is a valid question. There are advantages to both materials, one may be better for all or part of your home than another. The look of hardwood is very popular in homes throughout the country, however, actual wood isn’t the only way to get that look including wood-look tile. You may find that the right answer for you isn’t one or the other, but rather, both.

Nothing Compares to Hardwood Floors

Real hardwood has no true product comparison. Although most people think of their flooring as something that lasts a decade or so, with proper maintenance real hardwood lasts for generations. Its unique beauty can’t be replicated in any synthetic product. Most Realtors® will tell you that buyers want hardwood floors. However, we all know that wood and water don’t mix. If you have a pool and kids with little regard to how dripping wet they are, you may want to consider wood-look tile throughout your home.

What About Both?

Some homeowners choose hardwood for their living areas and a wood-look tile for their bathrooms and laundry room. That is often a great compromise. However, you never want to transition from real hardwood to a wood-look tile. They just don’t compliment one another when they are next to each other. However, if you have a carpeted bedroom and then wood-look tile, it gives the room the warm feeling you’re looking for with wood.

Sometimes Wood-Look Tile is the Right Option Throughout Your Home

Most homes on the water want durable flooring. Sand can lead to scratches and rapidly deteriorating finishes on hardwood. Of course, homes with large dogs, kids or even just a home with lots of traffic may do better with tile rather than hardwood.

Seer Flooring Can Help You Make the Right Choice

We offer many options for flooring for your home including hardwood, engineered wood, tile, and even luxury vinyl products. Talk to us about your lifestyle, budget and concerns, and we’ll help you choose the right new flooring and provide you with a free quote. Call us today for an in-home appointment from one of our team members in Sarasota, Clearwater or Palm Harbor at (727) 469-7963 or fill out our contact form.