What You Should Know About Hardwood Floors in Winter

hardwood floors in winter

As we are nearing October, we are also nearing the season where humidity drops. With the lower humidity comes calls about “cracks” in hardwood floors. In reality, they aren’t cracks, the wood dries out as the humidity drops leaving slight gaps between the boards. In some installations and areas, this is more apparent than others. […]

Choosing Your Hardwood Floors Installation Pattern

pattern hardwood floors

As a flooring installation company, we find that one detail of hardwood floor installation that’s often overlooked is the flooring installation pattern. Everyone thinks about tile as the material that requires a specific installation pattern, but in reality, virtually all flooring types can be installed in various patterns. Choosing the right pattern is a matter […]

Hardwood Flooring Trends of 2022

Hardwood Flooring Trends 010422

If new floors are on your wish list for 2022, you will enjoy taking a look at the latest hardwood flooring trends. Do this before you start shopping so you know what you love ahead of time. Although popular wood species remain consistent with oak flooring at the top of the list this year, the […]