Can You Fix A Section Of My Damaged Hardwood Flooring?

Sometimes the question is more specific asking if we can fix it without replacing or refinishing the whole floor. Sometimes it’s damage from water other times it’s a deep gouge from a heavy piece of furniture falling over, and there’s always the dreaded pet damage, both scratching and accidents. There is no easy one size […]

What Are Today’s Wood Flooring Trends?

Perhaps the biggest advantage of hardwood flooring is that it is timeless. However, there are still colors and styles that are more popular than others. Today we’ll discuss some current trends in hardwood flooring. Color Industry wide we’re seeing that homeowners are choosing either exceptionally dark or very light finishes. Some of the most popular […]

How Do I Pick the Right Finish?

In today’s blog we’re covering three common questions about finish from the team at Seer Flooring, your wood floor refinishing experts in Tampa Bay. What Color Stain Should I Choose? Stain colors are more than just dark, medium or light. Different stain colors have different tones – walnut is a warm dark brown while cherry […]

What Is The Right Wood Floor Refinishing Process?

We get so many questions about hardwood flooring and refinishing it that we thought we’d write a short series of blogs answering some of our most frequently asked questions. Our experience in hardwood floor refinishing in Tampa extends to thousands of homes and many different types of hardwood so there are few questions we haven’t […]