Can You Fix A Section Of My Damaged Hardwood Flooring?

Sometimes the question is more specific asking if we can fix it without replacing or refinishing the whole floor. Sometimes it’s damage from water other times it’s a deep gouge from a heavy piece of furniture falling over, and there’s always the dreaded pet damage, both scratching and accidents. There is no easy one size fits all answer to this question. Here are a few thoughts on refinishing or re-sanding hardwood flooring for repairs.

Probably the easiest time to refinish a section of wood flooring is when the flooring is relatively new so the recently sanded and refinished flooring won’t stand out as “new” compared to the rest of the flooring. There may still be a small noticeable difference but more than likely only if you know where to look.

When damage to hardwood flooring happens due to water, often it requires replacing the actual planks. In this case the area can be repaired assuming that original size plank and type of wood is available. The newly replaced floor will not look exactly the same as the old floor unless the entire floor is sanded and refinished during the replacement process. We are happy to replace sections of flooring but highly recommend refinishing the entire area for a consistent look.

For small issues that result in gouges or scratches in the wood, it is often possible to use wood putty to fix hardwood flooring. It will never look the same as actual hardwood but if the damage is minor enough and the area is small then shouldn’t stand out. If you attempt this type of repair on your own, be sure to sand an area slightly larger than damage before applying the finish.

Although wood flooring can be repaired, we find that once we have explained how the newly repaired and refinished area will look compared to the rest of the flooring, many homeowners opt to have the entire area refinished to keep the consistent look. Our experts will tell you up front if they advise against just repairing the area or if they believe that the finish can be matched. If your hardwood or engineered wood flooring has suffered damage, contact Seer Flooring, your expert wood flooring company in Tampa Bay for a professional assessment and estimate of the damage. We will work with your insurance company too! 727-785-1930.