How Do I Pick the Right Finish?

In today’s blog we’re covering three common questions about finish from the team at Seer Flooring, your wood floor refinishing experts in Tampa Bay.

What Color Stain Should I Choose?

Stain colors are more than just dark, medium or light. Different stain colors have different tones – walnut is a warm dark brown while cherry adds a hint of red. Keep in mind that type of wood used to make your floor will impact how the stain looks once applied. The next thing to consider is the space the wood floor is in, keeping in mind that smaller spaces will seem even smaller the darker the stain. Also, if you are working in a space that has limited natural light, you may want to consider a lighter stain color.
Once you and your wood floor refinishing company have discussed the best option for stain, it’s time to discuss the finish.

What is the Difference Between Wax, Polyurethane, and Varnish?

Of the three finishes, polyurethane is the most common finish for wood flooring today. Polyurethane offers many benefits as it lasts a long time and is the most scratch resistant finish. Think of it like a layer of film on your hardwood floor. Wax is the least durable and has to be redone at more regular intervals. Varnish isn’t often used as a finish to hardwood flooring as it is more suitable for decks, outdoor furniture and boats. Varnish is very UV and crack resistant which is why it is used in outdoor applications most often.

Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss or Glossy, What is Best?

This comes down to personal choice but some things to consider when choosing the finish are:
• Type of wood – different wood types absorb finishes differently so what may truly be a semi-gloss may give off a different sheen on different types of hardwoods.
• How much light do you want to reflect – the higher the sheen of the finish, the more light reflects off the floor. A downside of glossy finishes is that they show dust more than a satin or matte finish.
• Your household – if your home has pets or your walk barefoot often but don’t want to do a daily cleaning, you may want to choose a satin finish as it is least likely to show paw and foot prints.

With the right information and a good understanding of your household, your consultant at Seer Flooring will give you their recommendations for your wood floor refinishing project. Contact us today by filling out our easy online form or just give us a call at 727-785-1930.