What Are Today’s Wood Flooring Trends?

Perhaps the biggest advantage of hardwood flooring is that it is timeless. However, there are still colors and styles that are more popular than others. Today we’ll discuss some current trends in hardwood flooring.


Industry wide we’re seeing that homeowners are choosing either exceptionally dark or very light finishes. Some of the most popular dark finishes are ebony and dark walnut. These give a warm rich look to the home, but do show dirt and scratches more easily than other finishes. On the very light side, there are two trends. First is a gray and white finish that is a modern take inspired by the white washed finishes of the early 19th century. Some engineered wood flooring comes finished in this style. The other light finish is a very blonde finish, which is clean and bright, especially in smaller spaces.

Plank Width

As the reclaimed wood trend continues in decor, the wide planks that are often associated with barn wood also continues to be more popular than narrow boards. The most common plank widths are around 4”. Remember, as a general rule, the wider the plank, the more expensive.


As more people focus on American made products, more homeowners are choosing wood grown in the USA. This not only supports the local economy but in many cases because of the lower shipping costs, is cheaper than foreign sourced hardwood. The most common locally grown wood species are oak (red and white oak comprise about 80% of hardwood flooring installed in the US), pine, hickory and birch.


If you walk through a historic home, you may notice that there is hardwood flooring throughout the home. Most homes built from the 60-80’s contain linoleum, the 90’s brought tile to the forefront of popularity in kitchens, baths and other wet areas. Today, more and more homeowners are opting for hardwood flooring or engineered wood floors throughout their main living spaces, including the kitchen. The clean consistent look is a very popular trend that doesn’t seem to be ending.

Because every home has a different style and every homeowner has different tastes, there really is no right or wrong look for your home. The team at Seer Flooring would be happy to discuss with you options that work well for your lifestyle, budget and the spaces that you’re looking to install new wood flooring. Give us a call at 727-785-1930 for an in home consultation.