Myths About Wood Floor Refinishing in Tampa

Wood floor refinishing in Tampa Bay is about the same as refinishing wood floors anywhere else in the country. Over the years we’ve heard some interesting comments stated as facts that were indeed myths. We can only conclude that they come from misinformation spread by inexperienced sales people in big box stores, at least that’s […]

What are the Best Flooring Types for Kitchens?

When considering new kitchen flooring, there are many options from which to choose. The right option ultimately relies on your budget and the space itself. The most popular flooring types for kitchens are wood, tile, and some types of resilient flooring. Here are some considerations for each category. Hardwood and Engineered Wood The old school […]

Wood Floors in Tampa Homes

For a long time there were few options in flooring and almost every home was built with wood floors. Then came mass produced carpet, vinyl and tile. For the mid part of the 20th century rarely did anyone consider wood floors in Tampa homes, whether real hardwood or engineered wood floors. Today’s homeowners are shifting […]