Wood Floors in Tampa Homes

For a long time there were few options in flooring and almost every home was built with wood floors. Then came mass produced carpet, vinyl and tile. For the mid part of the 20th century rarely did anyone consider wood floors in Tampa homes, whether real hardwood or engineered wood floors. Today’s homeowners are shifting back to preferring wood floors and with the right wood floor installation company, your home can have beautiful, well installed wood floors too.

Why Wasn’t My Home Built with Wood Floors?

Some homeowners we meet with ask us that very question. If your home was built during the building boom of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, we can blame the commercial builders. National building companies in our area during that time rarely even offered wood. Carpet, tile, and laminate were the primary flooring options because they were cheaper, faster and easier to install, and very rarely required warranty work within the first year.

Some homeowners even tell us they were advised against hardwood or engineered wood floors in their new Tampa area home because of ground moisture. Admittedly, better water barrier products make having wood floors today a more realistic option in many homes than 20 years ago. Engineered wood flooring installation was an issue for a while in the 90’s. Many of the adhesives used for installation were banned due to their high VOC content and it took a few years for materials that really worked to come to market.

Styles and trends change as well. Depending on the last update of your home, wood floors might not have been popular. Today’s styles lean toward more wood. If you look at a remodel or new construction in the last five years and compare it to something in the mid-90’s you’ll see more wood throughout the home including wood cabinets, mantles, railings, and entry doors.

Proper Wood Floor Installation

If you choose to have engineered wood floors or hardwood installed in your home, make sure the installation company you choose has the knowledge and experience to do it right. Ask how much of their business is wood flooring compared to other flooring options. An experienced wood floor installation company will look at the current floors and advise you as to the best installation method and pre-treatment, especially if moisture is a concern. There is little reason to believe that your home can’t have beautiful wood floors that last for years when installed properly.

If you’re interested in learning about the best installation options of engineered or real wood floors Tampa has to offer, contact Seer Flooring. Our experience and longevity as a local flooring company speaks for itself. We can be reached at (727) 785-1930 to schedule your in home consultation.