Flooring Trends for 2021 – Part 2

Flooring Companies 040121We started a mini-blog series on flooring trends a few weeks ago. Click here for part one if you missed it. Here are some of the newer flooring trends that we and other flooring companies are seeing this year. You may be surprised at a few of them.

Emphasizing the Wood’s Grain

Whether you’re installing new floors or refinishing yours, consider a stain that will show the grain in the hardwood. After all, part of its beauty is in the graining pattern. The beauty of this trend is that, depending on the hardwood you have or choose, you can use virtually any color stain.

Wide Planks

Because of products like luxury vinyl planks and wood-look tile, it’s more affordable than ever to have a wide plank floor, even if it’s not actual hardwood. We think that flooring companies across the country are seeing this trend more and more because of the abundance of quality wood-look products that are making wide planks an affordable option.

Patterned Installations

Whether you’re installing tile, wood, engineered wood, or something else, there are many options for installation depending on the style and material you’re using. For example, herringbone is a popular option for both tile and wood floors. Boarders of another wood species when choosing hardwood flooring make for a great accent in any formal room especially where you intend to let the flooring show rather than using a rug.

Natural Finish for Your Hardwood Flooring

This doesn’t mean leaving your flooring unfinished. Rather, using a natural finish retains the natural color of the wood or uses a diluted stain to help the grain pattern pop. Whether you choose a colored stain or not, it should still be sealed with a matte or low-sheen finish to provide some level of protection.


This is most common with luxury vinyl products, tile, and some engineered wood products. If you have real hardwood flooring and want a textured finish, some flooring companies can artificially scar the wood with tools like a wire brush. This gives your wood more texture and a rustic appearance.


Gray is still a hot trend in home décor. Whether it’s new tile flooring, luxury vinyl plank or tiles, pre-finished engineered wood flooring, or real hardwood, choosing a gray finish is quite common still. If any of the flooring companies you’re considering suggest painting your wood floors, choose another flooring company. There are many options in gray stains that will preserve the beauty of your wood floors.

We Offer Many Flooring Options

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