wood floor refinishing

Moving Furniture without Damaging Your Hardwood Floors

Now that your hardwood floor refinishing is complete or your new floors are installed, it’s time to put your furniture back. How do you get everything in just the right place without scratching your new beautiful finish? There are a few tricks you can use while placing furniture and to keep the floors looking great...
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Moving Into a Home with Poorly Maintained Wood Floors

We recently visited a home that had some pretty bad looking real hardwood floors. The home was only about 12 years old but the floors looked much older due to pets and poor cleaning habits. The new homeowner initially asked us to come out and provide a quote to buff or screen their hardwood but...
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Myths About Wood Floor Refinishing in Tampa

Wood floor refinishing in Tampa Bay is about the same as refinishing wood floors anywhere else in the country. Over the years we’ve heard some interesting comments stated as facts that were indeed myths. We can only conclude that they come from misinformation spread by inexperienced sales people in big box stores, at least that’s...
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Refinishing Your Floor with a Distressed Look

If you have engineered or hardwood flooring in your home, chances are good that at some point you’re going to need to refinish it. If you choose to make a big change to your flooring as distressing is, the process is very different from traditional refinishing. Some homeowners request distressed wood floors to suit the...
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Why Choose Seer Flooring for Your Wood Floor Refinishing

It’s a fair question to ask and we have been asked by Tampa homeowners, “Why should I choose Seer Flooring for my wood floor refinishing?” If you type into Google, “wood floor refinishing Tampa” or “hardwood floor refinishing Tampa” you get more than 300,000 combined search results! Of course there aren’t that many wood floor...
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