Choosing the Right Hardwood Flooring for Homes with Pets

In some of our previous blogs we’ve talked about your family and lifestyle as being an important element in selecting the right flooring option for your home. When you have pets, especially large or active dogs, you want to find the right flooring that will last and look great for as long as possible. Of […]

Holiday Help for Your Hardwood Floors

With all the entertaining, new toys, and guests in and out over the holidays your hardwood floors may have taken some punishment. If you don’t need a hardwood floor refinishing company to re-do all your flooring but have a few issues that need attention, today’s blog will help. Before you start any of these DIY […]

The Challenges of Adding Hardwood Flooring to Existing Wood Floors

Some homes have hardwood flooring only in one area. Do you wonder what can be done to extend flooring throughout the main living space? You don’t necessarily have to tear up the existing floors and start from scratch. A skilled flooring company can create a consistent look by adding wood floors to a home that […]

Area Rugs Need the Right Carpet Pad to Protect Your Hardwood Floors

No matter how large or small an area rug is, you need the right carpet pad to protect your hardwood floors. Without this protective layer between your area rug and floor you could be damaging the finish on your flooring without even realizing it. Not All Rug Pads are Created Equally Some are intended for […]

Five Questions to Ask before Hiring a Wood Floor Installation Service

It’s fairly obvious that the same brands of wood flooring can be purchased from different flooring companies in Tampa. So, how do you know which wood floor installation service to purchase your flooring from and to trust with your wood flooring? Here are five questions you should ask every flooring company you consider for your […]

How a Flooring Company Differs from a Big Box Store

As a small business owner, I’ve been asked why I started my flooring company, Seer Flooring, when there are already so many places to buy new floors. I can assure you that we don’t compete with the national or home improvement stores because there is such a difference in what we sell, how we work, […]

Engineered Wood Flooring or Hardwood Flooring, Which is Best for My Home?

If you’re trying to decide which is best for your home and family, today’s blog may help you decide if engineered wood flooring or hardwood flooring is the right choice. Besides the obvious difference in price between the two, there are many other considerations when choosing the right flooring type for your home. Moisture from […]

Preserving History, One Board at a Time

Over the past few weeks we’ve been removing the heart pine flooring from the remaining cottages on the Belleview Biltmore property. If you’re familiar with the “cottages” you’ll know they were more like large homes at over 3000 square feet each. Built between 1900 and 1915, the original hardwood flooring is of the highest quality. […]

Kitchen Flooring Types – Pros and Cons

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, preparing food, entertaining, and cleaning up. That means you and your guests spend time on your kitchen floor and it gets a fair amount of use. In today’s blog we’re going to discuss different kitchen flooring types pros and cons to help you come to the […]

Simple Hardwood Flooring Preventative Maintenance Tips

Preventative maintenance isn’t just for your car, your home needs it too. Many homeowners know to have regular maintenance performed on their HVAC system and often perform preventative maintenance to their roof, but what about hardwood flooring? Do you know that by following these simple preventative maintenance tips you can extend the time between refinishing […]