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Protect Your Hardwood Floors This Holiday Season

Although it may not feel like the holidays are approaching, soon friends and families will gather for Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. With all those extra people in your home, you may want to take some extra care with your flooring, especially if you have engineered or hardwood floors. Here are a few...
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hardwood floor refinishing company

Timeline for Your Hardwood Floor Refinishing Project

If your hardwood floor refinishing company is doing a total refinish down to the bare wood or performing a screening and refinishing, you may wonder what you can expect from the process. If most or all of your home is hardwood and you plan on refinishing, you’ll need to make plans for your entire family...
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Flooring Trends

Flooring Trends

If you’re remodeling your home, you may want new flooring. Today’s homeowners rarely opt for laminate, carpet, or the same square tile that was installed in their home when it was built. If you’re planning to update your home and want to include the latest in flooring trends, you’ll likely want hardwood flooring, modern tile...
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Kitchen Flooring

The Kitchen Flooring Conundrum

If you’re having trouble deciding on the right kitchen flooring, today’s blog is for you. Some people believe tile is the only option for a kitchen floor and others believe that wood is a more beautiful choice. There are many options when it comes to kitchen flooring, and as long as the homeowner understands what...
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Prefinished Hardwood Versus Custom Finished Floors

  If you’re looking at hardwood flooring for your home, you may have noticed that there are prefinished options available. You may be wondering if prefinished hardwood is a good option or if having your flooring company custom finish your floors may be better for your situation. There are pros and cons to both. Pros...
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Flooring Installers

Stain Trends Seen by Flooring Installers

When it comes to hardwood flooring, you have many options regarding its finished look. Today’s manufacturers make their stain in countless hues, from natural finishes to black. Some experienced flooring installers know how to mix different color stains to create exactly what a homeowner is looking for. If you’re trying choose a color for your...
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The Benefits of Choosing Neutral Flooring Color

Today’s flooring comes in more options than ever before. If you’re planning to install new flooring, not only do you need to choose the right material for your home, budget and lifestyle, but you need to choose the right color. Manufacturing techniques have evolved so even pre-finished flooring has more options in style and color....
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Understanding Flooring Terms – Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part blog series. If you missed part one, click here. Once you’ve chosen your desired material and style, your flooring installer will talk to you about the installation process. Depending on the flooring material and the location in your home where the installation will take place, you’ll hear...
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Flooring Terms

Understanding Flooring Terms – Part 1

If you’re looking at any type of wood flooring – engineered wood, laminate or real hardwood – you should understand the terms you may read about or hear before making a purchase. Because many homeowners don’t, we decided to help with a mini blog series to help define and simplify these common flooring terms. Some...
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Hardwood Flooring

Choosing the Right Flooring for Each Room

If you’re considering new flooring in your entire home, you may be wondering what is the best material for each room. Although hardwood flooring can be a great choice for much of your home, it’s not the best option for your entire home. Of course, the right flooring option for your family, lifestyle, taste and...
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